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A Report by the Social Network for Justice and Human Rights


Table of contents

Dom Pedro Casaldáliga


I. Human Rights in the Countryside

Violence and Social Movement Activism in the Countryside
Antonio Canuto

10 years since the Eldorado dos Carajás massacre - rural movements fight against impunity
Evanize Sydow

Prophecies do not change the future
Aton Fon Filho

Agrarian Policy in the Lula Government: the Hollowing of Agrarian Reform
Jose Juliano de Carvalho Filho

Peasant Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in Brazil:  an Evaluation of the Lula Government
Via Campesina Brazil, The Movement of Small Farmers, The Landless Workers Movement, The Movement of Dam Affected Peoples, The Movement of Peasant Women, The Pastoral Land Commission, The Brazilian Association for Land Reform

Labor rights violations and death of sugarcane workers
Maria Aparecida de Moraes Silva

Slavery in Brazil: New and Persistent Issues
Ricardo Rezende Figueira

Violence Against Indigenous Peoples
Paulo Maldos

The United Nations confirms the denunciations of the Movement of Dam-Affected People
Leandro Gaspar Scalabrin

Diversion of the São Francisco River: A contradiction to the human right to water
Roberto Malvezzi

The state of Bahia suffers from the impacts of uranium production for nuclear plants
Zoraide Villasboas

Peasant Resistance in Brazil
Mônica Dias Martins

II. Human Rights in Urban Areas

They did not see the Brazilian soccer team get defeated
Aton Fon Filho

Violence in São Paulo – a frightening balance
Evanize Sydow

Structural Unemployment in Brazil
Marcio Pochmann

Migration and Slave Work
Luiz Bassegio e Luciane Udovic

Human trafficking in Brazil
Marcia Anita Sprandel

Labor Policies and Human Rights
Paulo César Pedrini

III. Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Towards a Country for All People
Lúcia Xavier

Limits to Access to Education
Sérgio Haddad e Mariângela Graciano

Amazon dilemmas and the Lula administration
Lindomar Silva

The Right to Culture: Progress and dilemmas facing Lula’s Government in regards to cultural policies
Antonio Eleilson Leite

The Human Right to Communication: its recognition grows, but violations remain the rule
Diogo Moyses e Cristina Charão

IV. International Policy and Human Rights

The Peoples’ Victory at the WTO
Maria Luisa Mendonça

Evaluation of the World Bank’s Rural Programs in Brazil
Maria Luisa Mendonça

With the help of the United States, the Paraguayan government represses social movements
Igor Ojeda

Foreign Debt and Human Rights Violations in Brazil
Maria Lucia Fattorelli Carneiro